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The company offers a range of services including.

  • Rewinding, Overhauling & Repair Electric motor (L.T & H.T) and Generator, Transformer, Welding Machine any other Electrical Item of any KVA, On Board panel wiring.
        (With 6 Month Workmanship guarantee)
  • Overhauling & Installation of Condenser, Air conditioner Compressor, Refrigeration Equipment.
  • Underwater inspection of ship’s Bottom, Cleaning Marine Growth and Polishing of Propeller, Provide under water Videography, Underwater Repairing work.
  • Refilling & Supply all types of gas cylinders.
  • Fabrication and Renew Cargo Manifold Reducer / Pipe line.
  • Repairing, Overhauling of Hydraulic Motor, Crane.
  • Repair, Overhauling and Renew any capacity of Pump.
  • Overhauling, repair and Hire Wilden Pump and spare.
  • All types of Valve overhauling, Repair and renewal.
  • Annual inspection and Load test of Cargo Gear Certification.
  • Assistance service provide for L.S.A/F.F.A Certification.
  • Fabrication of pump shaft/sleeves/Bush, Mechanical Seal, Oil Seals as per specification or sample.
  • Reconditioning of main engine Exhaust Valve Spindles & Seats, Cylinder Head Etc.
  • Manufacturing, Retubing of all Marine Heat Exchanger, Cooler.
  • Pest Control, Fumigation of cargo holds and accommodation.
  • Supply of Rubber parts, Safety Equipment.
  • Forwarding of spares to foreign destination.
  • Supply of Deck/Engine stores as per IMPA Code.
  • Supply All Kind of PPE Safety Equipment’s as per standard.
  • Supply Reconditioning Main Engine/Auxiliary Engine/Generator spares and any Types of Other Machineries from Demolished Vessels.
  • Provided Onboard Painting work, Provided Cleaning gang.
  • Provide any other Services on your Call.

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